PORTAL 4 “Hope, I need hope!”

What kind of hope do you need? Where do you get bogged down? Think about and learn from your answers to these questions.

The Humor and/or Spiritual PORTALS might offer you some support.

How do you deal with anger? Fear? Grief? Many people find it very helpful to acknowledge these emotions which most all of us find coming up when we really sit with the facts of Climate Change. I will personally vouch that each time I sit with my emotions around this, watch them, and process them, I am stronger afterwards and able to take on more in a positive way. It’s also important not to push ourselves too fast. Move through this at a pace that works for you. Find friends whom you can listen deeply to and who can listen to you if that is helpful for you.

Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy and Molly Brown is filled with hope even in the face of acknowledging all our current challenges. They also describe the myriad ways in which we get stalled in moving forward and suggest how to make changes. Macy has been working in this area for decades, and still she brings hope!

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