PORTAL 8 Mystery, Wonder, Astonishment, Terror, Beauty, Imperfection, Never ending

I recently attended a stellar Crazy Jane concert. This group features new compositions by a group of Pacific NW composers. The pieces were wildly different and each fascinating in their own ways. I had two aha’s during the evening. No three! First, I personally need an arts PORTAL. And so do many others, I imagine. Second, this concert entirely fits with this PORTAL in that it was a benefit concert for the organization, Environment Oregon. This reminded me of all the incredible generosity I have seen over the years by many artists for environmental causes, among others. What a great way for us artists to do what matters most to us and to help promote Climate Change solutions. Third, my friend, composer Susan Alexjander had a stunning new piece featured titled “PORTALS,” which led to the first two aha’s. Thank you Susan!

I mentioned Cosmos, as well as the Arts, above, because I have been so influenced in my two painting series inspired by all that we have been learning in the “Golden Age of Cosmology.” This universe is so much larger (perhaps including multiverse), older and awe inspiringly stranger (black holes, dark energy, dark matter…) than we had ever guessed. As I have come to increasingly understand the minute and yet amazing place of our speck of a planet (see Primack and Abrams in the book section) in the universe, I much more clearly see the importance of all of us joining together to care for our little planet with love, rather than with wanton disregard.

So… Poets, other writers, storytellers, artists, dancers, composers, musicians, food artists and any others, let us (continue to) give, each in our own ways.

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