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Action for other species

Do you have a strong interest in and connection to orcas? Lichen? Trees? Forests? Deer? Native plants to your area? Butterflies? Bees? Blueberries? Mosses? Fungi? Frogs?Cacti? Birds? Or…? Are you interested in learning about them more and helping protect their environments?

Calculating your carbon footprint

There are some very good (and some less good) Carbon Footprint Calculators. Our current favorite is on Shrink That Footprint. When starting to calculate your footprint, you’ll need some information about your current lifestyle, including electricity, heat, and water usage and your travel habits. I gathered my info in a spreadsheet (with a date), so … Continue reading Calculating your carbon footprint

Helping regular people participate in politics

Are you interested in following legislative issues? Do you have resources for helping track legislative issues? Could you keep the rest of us informed about how best to easily send emails? Could you craft sample letters? Could you help us learn what are the most effective ways to communicate with politicians these days?